Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bananas are better!

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                      Contains PR sample!

This nail art was ment to be, I just had to paint bananas over 'Bananas And Krispy Kremes Are Better Than HBO' by CbL (which of you seen swatches last friday, HERE).
Over the weekend this polish became my absolute favorite from the Krispy Kreme Dreams collection, it's such a fun color and the formula is amazing too!

I simply love this look, even though it's far from my best application. The problem was that I didn't used a matte topcoat before I painted on the black outlines, I was affraid that it's going to dull the holo. But I did used a clear topcoat (after I painted the body of the bananas, because my yellow acrylic paint gunked up, so I had to even out the surface), so I had to paint over a super shiny surface, and it made my black acrylic paint (and my brush) slip away all the time.
I wanted to make the bananas a little bit undone and pop art, but not this shaky :D Well anyway, it looks all right from a normal distance, but in these huge pictures it really bothers me :D 

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