Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dark Butterfly

MAGYAR verzió
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I always wanted to paint butterflies on my nails, but I never knew what kind (I don't even know this species really well), and I couldn't find a picture that I liked. A couple of days ago I went ahead, and tried another search, and finally a pretty picture (THIS) came by. I wanted to keep this nail art wintery, dark and mysterious, and honestly, I couldn't imagine a butterfly nail cute/bright/pink, to me that would be too childish (yeah, I wore my rainbow-unicorn nails with proud, but I could never paint a cute butterfly :D).
I used A-England Incense Burner as my base, and it's the perfect match, dark but there are those awesome shifting shimmers in it!
The butterflies are handpainted with acrylic paint, and as usual the one that I painted first (middle finger) is a whole lot better than the other one. Where's the logic in that?! :D
Anyways, I really like how this turned out.

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