Thursday, February 18, 2016

Abalone shell nails

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I have one more thing to show you from my latest Bundle Monster review package. It's a 2pcs set, containing a multichrome stud/irredescent stud wheel and a half pearl wheel, both of them has different sizes of decorations. This set was previously sent to me too, but back then I only showed you the multichrome version (HERE), so today let's see the half pearls.
The pearl wheel set contains 2 color options, and 6 different sizes of both colors, so that's a pretty good thing in my opinion.

I wanted to do a shell nail art, including these pearls, and I choosed one of the most spectacular form of shells: abalone. I made abalone nails 2 years ago, with a tutorial too (HERE, but watch out, TERRIBLE photos :DD ), and techincally I followed the same steps (excluding the irredescent topper), but this time I had plus 2 years of experience :D 

I sticked the pearls in the wet topcoat, but you can also use nail glue, plus some topcoat over the pearls for keeping them safe.
 I tried to use as many size of pearls as I can (I used the yellow-er colored ones instead of the pure white ones), and I like it, but it's definitely turned out to be pretty wild and "out there".
I included some photos about the base alone too, I'm in love with those!

You can find this wheel set HERE, at

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