Monday, February 08, 2016

Bundle Monster | Star Dust mulichrome shimmers

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Here is another product from Bundle Monster that I tried out in the past couple of weeks. It's their Star Dust shimmer set of 4 duo/multichrome shifting shimmers in different colors and sizes. If you like to spend some time and playing with these kinds of thing, than keep reading.
The shimmers come in a little plastic pot, in the pots they all appear to be white and you can't really see the actual color of them. You have to use black or a dark color to see their color and shift, but they might work on lighter colors too.

On the picture below you can see them side by side, it's pretty clear that they all really different.

Now let's see the swatches. I applied them on a black base (the polish was sticky, but not entirely wet) with a clean, dry nail brush. I tried to create a gradien effect, so you can see the shimmers more concentrated and more scattered.

Andromeda is one of my favorites. It shifts from yellow/gold to orange to pink to purple.

Milky Way has the biggest particles , and it shifts from yellow/gold to green to bronze/orange/copper. This one is my absolute favorite.

Supernova has the same big particles than Andromeda. It shifts from green to pink to purple.

Nebula is the most finely milled of them all. This was the hardest to apply evenly. It shifts from blue to pink to purple.

Since this set has and outer space theme, I thought I will do a galaxy mani. I started with a black base, sponged on some blue and purple nail polish, then added the shimmers (I used all 4 in this mani, but not all 4 in the same nail) with a nail brush. Added some white dots and stars, and sealed with topcoat. I love how it looks, the shimmer shifts between colors and also shines, it gives a nice depth to the manicure.

Finally, I made a franken polish too. I used only Milky Way for this. Blue jelly base, holo flakes, holo glitters and pink microglitters, this was the recipe. It's a bit heavy, it was hard to measure what is enough, but I still like it, I needed only 2 coats. I like how the blue base colors the shimmer bright green, and it also colors the pink glitter into magenta/purple. I love this color combination, and I definitely will use this polish again.

You can use these shimmers many ways, and not oly for your nails, you can use them for different DIY projects too, or even jewellery making. You can mix them with clear topcoat, so you can use them easily as a topcoat.

If you like this product, then go to, you can find the direct link HERE.

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  1. They all look the really beautiful <3

  2. Thank you for this post! You did so much with this product and everything turned out beautifully as usual :)

  3. Thank you for this post! You did so much with this product and everything turned out beautifully as usual :)