Monday, August 17, 2015

Pug Life

"I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me!"
I wanted to practice some realistic painting, and I've never painted dogs, so I thought I will make something puppy related, but then the wordplay "pug life" came into my mind, and I knew what I have to do :D For the thug pug I used 2 pictures: one for the ears and bandana, and the other for the facial expression :D I also used this pic for the words. I'm really bad at painting words, especially fancy ones like these, so it was a hard time to painting them, but they turned out all right. I've never really done anything realistic on my nails, so the shading and the overall finish is pretty raw, but I still like it very much. I thought I will paint some doggy treats with dollar sign on them, because we all know that this is what dogs use for their criminal games :D I also painted on the very intimidating word "wuff" in a speech bubble. Everything is handpainted with acrylic paints!
I hope you like this funny little nail art as much as I do :)


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