Monday, August 24, 2015

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Master Set

Hello everyone!
Today I will show you the 10 piece  Shangri-La Master Set from Bundle Monster. This set contains all the oriental-flower pattern you need, but it also contains some awesome geometric designs too.
Each plate is 2 in x 2 in (5,5 cm x 5,5 cm). The set is $14,99, but you can buy the plates separately for $2,49. The quality of them is excellent, I didn't had any problems with the patterns, even though a lot of them are really thin and delicate.

I made a nail art with each plate, so there will be 10 manis in this post. Some of them are simple stamping, some of them (kind of) gradient stamping,  and there are reverse stampings too.
I used Mundo stamping polishes, and different kind of stampers (from the really cheap, hard ebay one to the much squishyer Creative Stamper and BM Mega Stamper - scroll down for my review about it -, they all worked fine with the plates).

You can find the plates in the following links:

BM-S101  |  BM-S102  |  BM-S103  |  BM-S104  |  BM-S105
BM-S106  |  BM-S107  |  BM-S108  |  BM-S109  |  BM-S110

I also recieved the 4pc Semi Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper and Scraper Card Set. It has a plastic handle with little hollows in them, so you can have a steadier grab. The silicone head is huge, and if you think that you have way too small nails for a big stamper like this, then think it twice! I could make a 3-4 nail stamping sticker at once with this stamper, so it's actually pretty handy if you like to make reverse stamping. The whole process is just a lot easier and you will finish your manis in no time. The 2 scraper is also really nice, I only used these for the nail arts in this post.

I hope you like the plates and the stamper too, I definitely do! I had a lot of fun with these, and I can only recommend them to you!

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  1. Your nails are so perfect and these man is are all stunning! Thank you much for sharing <3