Monday, August 10, 2015

ILNP | Mega (X)

Mega (X) is one of the most multipurpose nail polishes out there. You can use it on it's own, as a topcoat or you can layer with other nail polishes. That's why I'm afraid that this 12 ml bottle will not last long :D
First, I want to show you Mega (X) on it's own. I used 2 thick coats for the swatches below, but this  way there was a little bit of VNL. I suggest using 3 regular coats, but I was too lazy :D Anyways, even with the 2 thick coats it was totally fine for me, I could only see the crazy holo effect, so no big deal :D The pictures were taken in sunlight, in shade and in artificial light.
At the bottom of this post I will show a couple of ideas how to use this nail polish as a layering polish.  

As a topcoat you can put this over ANYTHING, it will look amazing! Of course it will look the best on dark base colors. This is what I used for the swatches below (L to R):

Avon Plush Berry + Mega (X) + Avon Plush Berry
Zoya Charla + Mega (X) + Zoya Charla + Mega (X)
Crystal Nails #55 + Mega (X)

H&M blue glitter + Mega (X) + H&M blue glitter + Mega (X)
ILNP Open Fields + Mega (X) + ILNP Open Fields + Mega (X)
Essence black + Girly Bits What Low Buy? + Mega (X)

The combinations are endless!

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  1. The macro pictures took my breath away. This is an amazing polish!