Saturday, August 08, 2015

Layering with ILNP

I like when a nail polish can be used all kinds of creative ways, and a lot of ILNP polishes are just like that! I was inspired by all that layering that's happening lately (see @lakkomlakkom Edina's blogpost for instance). This idea (using a "jelly holo" layerd with an ultrachrome flakie) is quite old, when the Ultrachrome Flakies came out I layered Open Field with Zoya Dream, and it looked wonderful, but I never took a photo of it.
So when the Ultraholo-s came out, I took out that old idea, and used Paige with Cold Fusion and Ten Fold with Neon Rosebud. I would never use "matching colors" together (like Paige with Neon Rosebud), but it's totally a personal preference. You can use other "jelly holo" nail polishes like Zoya Dream or Payton or piCture pOlish have a lot of shades with this finish and you can experiment with the colors, the options are near endless!

I will start the next week with a blogpost featuring ILNP Mega (X), and that's also another amazing multipurpose polish!

What do you think about layering?
Have you tried it?


  1. This looks stunning! I love the colours you picked together!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, they look amazing together, but the combinations are really endless, I could spend my whole day layering these :D

  2. Such a great combos! I have to try to pair some of my ILNPs very soon :)

  3. After seeing this post I went crazy and just had to try this kind of layering myself, too. Your combinations here look just great! <3