Monday, October 20, 2014

Review | Born Pretty Store multicolored hearts

Today I have something really exciting from Born Pretty Store. I was a little bit affraid that I will not like these hearts in person, because they looked too pink on the website (and we all know that I'm not a fan of pink :D but actually I made some progress, I'm not a total hater anymore!) but when I saw them I knew I made the right decision.
As you can see from the pictures and the video I made, these little hearts have like a multichrome finish, like a gasoline spill, it's really gorgeous! It shifts from yellow to blue, I simply love it!
It's really easy to apply, just put it in the wet nail polish or use some nail glue.
I forgot to take a picture about the packaging, but it's in the video, you can see it there. Oh, and watch it in HD!

I really like this 3D nail decoration, I think this multichrome finish is a brilliant idea and I would love to see it in other shapes (round, triangle, square, etc.) too.
As it comes to the topcoat here is my advice: If you glue only 1 heart (like my pinky finger) then you can use topcoat it will not effect the multicolor finish, but if you use multiple hearts that are close to each other then you should skipp the topcoat because it will sit in the spaces between the hearts and it will be bubbly and all kings of nasty things, so you should leave it as is. If you use nail glue then it will stay in place for a couple of days, so you dont have to worry about topcoat anyways!

If you like this product than you can find it HERE!
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There is a huge sale on BPS right now, because they are celebrating the 4th anniversary of the site so be sure to check out the nail art section for extra bargains.

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