Friday, October 24, 2014

SWATCH | Zoya - Noir

Today I will show you the most amazing textured nail polish Zoya have ever made. Noir came in the fall PixieDust collection and I think we can all agree on that this one is really standing out of the other 2, slightly boring shades. Well, at first I thought that Noir will be just a simple burgundy-pink textured polish, but boy, I was wrong! :)

You can't see anything of the gorgeous deep, plumy base in the bottle, but after you applied it it's pure magic! So, plum base and deep fuchsia glitters...this is much more interesting that I could ever imagine from looking the bottle. It dries matte, but I really like it this way, I think a textured nail polish can only be matte, there's no other way! :D
The formula is amazing, this is 2 coats. It dires super quick too!
I think it's a perfect fall shade and I love it!

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  1. I ordered this one and I can't wait to slap a thick layer of glossy top coat on top! That way the sparkle and glitter are really outstanding, unlike when not top coated! Without gloss, it is just dull, with gloss it comes to life!