Friday, October 31, 2014

4 Weeks of Halloween | Penny Dreadful

For the final week, I choosed Penny Dreadful, because I think it turned out pretty strong and dramatic. In my opinion, you can't really see anything so powerful and breath taking in tv as Penny Dreadful. It really put me under it's spell, even though I ended up being an emotional wreckage after every episode :D Well, I can thank that mostly for Eva Green and her amazing play. Anyways, the show is amazing and I can't wait for the next season!
Regarding the nail art, I handpainted the main characters (Sorry Dr. Frankenstein, I love you too, but sadly I have only 5 fingers :( :D) with acrylic paint, but I only painted their hair and clothing, so they remain faceless. I really don't wanted to try to paint their faces, I would've just screwed it up, so I thought I will paint them like this. I think this representation really suits the show, it's kind of dramatic, don't you think?
Anyways, I love it, and it was a lot of fun making this nail art.

I hope you enjoyed this year's 4 Weeks of Halloween. We will see each other next year, the theme will be horror games! :) I'm sooo excited about that btw :D


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