Monday, May 09, 2016

Potion Polish | The Dunes collection

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 I have the upcoming Potion Polish collection, which is called The Dunes and is inspired by the desert. All 5 shades fit in the category of "nude with a twist", they are so gorgeous!
These fancy nude shades will be available this Friday, and are limited edition, so grab them quickly!

I have swatches both in natural and artificial light, because I wanted to show every aspect of them.

The palest shade of the collection is Desert Moon, which is a pale powder pink with strong purple undertones. It's color will be depending on your skintone, it can be more mauve or more pink. It has silver holo glitters in various sizes and also some pink irredescent flakes.
Since it's a really light shade I needed 3 coats. It has fair amounf of glitters, and the base doesn't blunt the holo effect too much. You will need a generous amount of topcoat to even out the surface because of the glitters.

It's a pale nude with peachy-pink undertones. Again, the actual color will depend on your skintone and/or the lighting situations. It has green to orange to pink multichrome flakies, bronze holo microglitters, and pink glass fleck shimmer. It has an awsome formula, if you have shorter nails, than you can get away with 1 thin and 1 thick coat, but 3 thin coats will be certainly enough for everyone! It doesn't get streaky, it's super easy to apply! I used 1 coat of topcoat over it.

After I tried all 5 of them, this one became my personal favorite. It's a beige base, which can be more warm or more cold in different lights. It has soft holo effect, smaller green to orange to pink multichrome flakies, pink holo microglitters and tiny gold microflakes. It looks 100 times better in real life! I needed 2 coats (and 1 coat of topcoat), it has a nice self-leveling formula.

I feel like I repeat myself a lot today, but this polish also can be a lot different in certain lights. In indirect light it's more gold, but in direct light it's rosegold. It has tons of gold microflakes and pink holo microglitters. It's soooo stunning!
I used 3 thin coats, but it will need 2 coats of topcoat to even out the surface because of those microglitters!

Mirage has a sand toned linear holo base with gold and silver holo microglitters. This one is not the perfect choice for my skintone, but I don't really care because it's so beautiful :D
I needed only 2 coats, and 1 thick coat of topcoat. It has a really nice formula!

I fell in love with these polishes, I think everyone can find their fancy nude in this collection!
As I said, these will be available on Friday May 13th at 1PM EST on International shipping is available!

They will be $11 each, but they will have $1 off each until May 15th 12AM EST. And don't forget, this collection is limited edition!

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  1. Good gawd, I want all of these gorgeous polishes! Your swatches are fantastic and really show the beauty of the polishes in this collection. I'll have to set a reminder on my calendar for Friday when they become available.