Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pahlish | Spring 2016

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I have the new Pahlish collection that launched earlier this month. This Spring collection conists of 6 slightly dusty pastel shades, and they all have glass fleck shimmer to jazz up the moody colors a little.
 I had to use natural light to capture the little shimmer flakes, because my artificial light just couldn't do them justice, so that's why my pictures are a bit less high quality. Anyway, I rather choose this than not showing those amazing shimmers :)

This collection is loosely inspired by the game series Professor Layton.

St. Mystere
 It's a grey-blue with gold and turquoise glass fleck shimmer. This one is a huge favorite of mine, and it's also the only one that has gold-turqoise shimmer in the collection.
It has a nice formula (one of the best from the collection), I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat + topcoat.

I could describe this color the better as a pastel marsala. It has gold-pink glass fleck shimmer.
I used 2 normal coats, but don't overwork it, because it can be streaky then.

Monte d'Or
It's another favorite of mine, it' a nice greige, but it can be more warm or cold depending on the light. It has gold-pink glass fleck shimmers.
I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat.

Elysian Box
It's a cute, dusty, mauve-y orchid pink with gold-pink glass fleck shimmers.
 I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat.

Unwound Future
It's a green leaning turquise shade with gold-pink glass fleck shimmer.
I used 3 coats, but on shorter nails 2 could be enought.

Golden Apple
It reminds me of a creamy honeydew melon gelato. It's a light peachy color, sadly it's not the perfect shade for my skintone. It has gold-pink glass fleck shimmers, but because it's such a light color, the shimmer doesn't contrasts as much as in the other colors.
I used 3 normal coats, but it was still a little bit streaky, though the topcoat helped a little.

This collection is already available, and I hope you noticed those new awesome printed bottles ;)
You can buy the colors at Pahlis's website, international shipping is available!

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