Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bundle Monster | Musik City collection

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As you might already know, Bundle Monster released a new collection today! We got 10 new stamping plates (Musik City), 6 new stamping polishes (Electro Glo), 6 new gel polishes (Neon Wasteland) and 4 water decals (Electronica).
The whole collection was built around music, parties, rave, and bright colors. In today's post I'm going to be showing you 1 manicure with each stamping plates, and you will be able to see the water decals in action too. I tried to incorporate the Electro Glo stamping polishes as much as I could, and I used the Neon Wasteland gel polishes as my base. I will have a blog post tomorrow with swatches of the gel polishes, plus shade descriptions, so don't forget to stop by :)

Now let's see the nail arts that I created. I'm not going to comment on any of them, but I included the product list under every manicure, so you can see what I used. I will have pictures of the stamping plates (2 plates in one pic), they are in numeric order, as well as the manicures that I made.

Base: BM gel polish: Dance-Tronaut
Mundo de Unas White, BM stamping polishes: Mercury Bassline, Rave Babe, Kandi Spiri
+ Bundle Monster Matte Effect gel topcoat

Base: Essence black polish; gradient: Bundle Monster stamping polishes: Jungle Mirage, Rave Babe, Mercury Bassline
BM stamping polishes: Black Noir, Jungle Mirage, Rave Babe, Mercury Bassline

Base: BM gel polish in  L.E.D. Airwaves
BM Black Noir stamping polish, Born Pretty Store random silver polish

Base:BM gel polish in Electric Fields (+ different kinds of polishes for the galaxy)
OPI Push and Shove

Base: Essence black polish
All the Electro Glo stamping polishes

Base: BM pel polish in Fairy Fantastic
 Mundo de Unas White, BM Black Noir and Rave Babe stamping polishes

Base:  BM gel polish in Cosmic-a-go-go
BM Black Noir, Jungle Mirage, Mercury Bassline, Kandi Spirit, Tranceland stamping polishes
+water decals from the Electronica set

Base: BM Angelic White
All the Electro Glo stamping polishes 

 Base: BM Rave Babe stamping polish (2 coats), Sally Hansen Ion
Mundo de Unas Gold, BM Black Noir, Mercury Bassline stamping polishes

Base: Born Pretty Store random silver polish
BM Black Noir + all the Electro Glo stamping polishes

These are the 4 new water decals aka the Electronica set. I'm not a big water decal user, but I created a really simple manicure with some of the decals, and it turned out absolutely badass! I really LOVE how it looks like. I used gel polishes from the Neon Wasteland as my base: Daisy Dust (base), Fairy Fantastic, L.E.D. Airwaves, Electric Fields. I applied the yellow, blue and green gels with a small brush on top of the pink (after I cured the pink).

Now I want to say a couple of words about the Electro Glo stamping polishes. They are all pastel-neons, and the colors are absolutely stunning! I used them quite a lot of times in the manicures above, so you can see that they stamp pretty well. However, on a black base they are not as bright and opaque as over a white (or light) base. But still, I think they worth the money, and you can also use them as normal nail polishes, because they are not too thick to work with (I used the corally Rave Babe in 2 coats in one of my manicures above).

Sadly, the stamping polishes can be shipped only in the USA, so these are not available for international orders!

So, this is all I wanted to show you today, don't forget to come by tomorrow for the Neon Wasteland swatch post, although you already seen all the 6 gel polishes in one of my manicures above.

The stamping plates, gel polishes and stamping polishes are available as a set or individually, but the 4 water decals are only available as a set. Here are the links for you to shop them:

Stamping plates  |  Water decals  |  Gel polishes  |  Stamping polishes

Don't forget to use my 10% off code, which is GLITTERFINGERSSS
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