Friday, May 27, 2016

Bundle Monster | Neon Wasteland gel polish collection

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 As I promised yesterday, I'm going to show you swatches of the new Bundle Monster gel polish collection called Neon Wasteland, containing six bright, neon-y shades.
I can't speak about their longevity, because I just swatched them (over UNT peel off basecoat), but I only needed 2 coats of each. I have an older UV lamp, I never changed the UV bulbs in it, but still, 1-1 minute per coats was perfectly enought to cure them. Bundle Monster has gel base and topcoats (glossy and matte) too, so with those you can complete the 3 step application process. These gel polishes are soak off gels, so after you lightly filed the surface of the gel, you can soak it off with acetone.
Now let's see the colors! :) I had a hard time to capture their real color, gosh neons are suck to photograph :D

It's a bright neon, cold lime kinda green. I absolutely love this shade during Summer. China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer has the same kind of tone, but of course that one is a lot more milky-pastel, and this one is really neon-y and rich in color, but the tone itself is similar (just so you can compare it to something). 

I really like this one too. It's a relatively wearable yellow, because it has a cold undertone (it looks colder and a lot more neon in real life as in my pictures).

It's a gorgeous cold toned medium purple. This one is not neon at all, but it's a beautiful bright shade. In real life it's a bit richer in color!

Bright skyblue shade, stunning! 

It's a traditional neon orange, so juicy and fun!  

I was surprised how much I liked this bright hot pink on me, I'm not a pink person, but this one weirdly got me :) It's brighter in real life as in my pictures. 

These gel polishes are available as a set or individually, you can find them HERE at

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