Friday, May 06, 2016

Kaleidoscope | Spring shades

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 Back in December I ordered quite a few nail polishes from the russian El Corazon site, and I bought 2 Spring-appropriate shades too. I swatched them months ago, but only now had the time to write about them. But the timing is kinda perfect, because these are really perfect for Spring!
I never tried this sub-brand (or whatever) of El Corazon called Kaleidoscope, so I didn't know what to expect, but the quality is really nice, and I'm thinking about to order a couple of more shades in the future.

This is 07 Grass Under the Sunny Sky from the Deams About Spring collection. It's a green-mint pastel-neon creme base with tiny blue microflakies. This color is to die for, it's one of my favorite Spring shades!
The formula is perfect, I used 2 normal coats (+ topcoat). I really recommend this one, super easy to use!

If I have to choose a favorite Spring/Summer bright shade, it's going to be China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, but this would be my second choice. OMG this color is sooooo awesome! This one is a pastel-neon as well, and the color is a green toned yellow. It's a bit more bright/neony in real life!
Oh, and it's from the Sophisticated Polishmaniac collection, and it's number 115!
This one was a bit too liquidy for my liking, but I like thicker formula, so maybe I'm just too picky :D Anyway, it wasn't too bad to use. First time I tried it (back in December, because I just couldn't wait :D) I had shorter nails, and 2 coats (1 normal and 1 thicker) was enough, but when I tried it a couple of days ago I needed 3 coats to make it streak-free. But still, it's not that bad, considering that pastel-neon colors like this can be a pain in the a$$. So I'm really happy about it, and you can see it tomorrow, in a nail art post!

What do you think about these?


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