Thursday, May 28, 2015

SWATCH | Morgan Taylor 'Making Waves', 'I'm Charmed' & 'Lost In Paradise'

Today's blogpost is all about my new Morgan Taylor nail polishes. I posted a picture on Instagram a couple of days earlier about them, they are 6 in total. I was really curious about this brand, because I've heard only good things, and of course I wanted to try some! I ordered them from a hungarian webshop (Hand & Nail Harmony). So today I will show you the 3 creams.

They all have the same, awesome, 'worth every penny' formula. They are truly great quality, one of the best that I've ever tried. I was amazed, because (although I've read only good thing about the brand) I wasn't expecting them to be this good. They all opaque in 2 coats, they dry super fast, and the finish is pretty glossy (much glossier than you can tell from my swatches).
But let's see them one by one.

Making Waves is a vibrant cobalt blue (a bit darker in real life than in my pics). Oh God, this is such a pretty color! And I was looking for a color like this for ages! I had some similars, but they needed at least 3 coats, and they dried slow as hell. But this one is a pure joy! And the best part is that it didn't stained my nails nor my skin when I was removed it. So YESSS! I will use this a ton!

I wanted to try out a super light color too (because those are usually tricky), so I picked out this  powder pink color called I'm Charmed. This was 2 coats: first I applied a regular coat, than a bit thicker, but you can use 3 thin coats too, because it dries really fast. I like how elegant and soft this color is, it will be a great canvas for nail art too.

Lost In Paradise is a dusty dark mint or a green teal. I really like this color, actually the whole mint-green-teal color family is my fave at the moment. This is 2 easy coats, and again, super fast drying time. This also didn't stained my nails nor my cuticles, so I was really happy.

As you can probably tell, I'm really impressed with these nail polishes, and I can't wait to buy more (despite it's price).
I will show a couple of nail art with them soon, and I'm planning to swatch the other 3 in the next month.


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