Tuesday, May 05, 2015

NAIL ART | Amethyst

Maybe you might know about me, that I love any kinds of crystals, gems and minerals. My fave is opal, I already made an opal nail art, but I really wanted to make a more crystal-like nail art, so I decided to do an amethyst mani :)
It actually wasn't that hard to do (although I'm aware, that my shading is not that realistic, I mean the shadows are not in the place where they supposed to be :D But oh well...). First, I painted on the outlines (the same way I did in my phone case a couple of months ago), then I did the coloring and shading.
I really like how it turned out. For some of the photos below, I grabbed a big piece of amethyst from my collection (I used to collect crystals and minerals). 


  1. Amethysts are my favourite crystals! You really made some awesome nail art with it. I admire you and your work a lot! :)

  2. These are stunningly gorgeous! :-D Love them!

  3. Hi, is the first time I see one of your nail arts and I'm so astonished!
    I love crystals too, but I've never thought to paint them on nails; your art is awesome. :)