Saturday, May 23, 2015

NAIL ART | The Girl with the Half Moon Tattoos

I always wanted to try out cuticle tattoos, and when I saw these at Bundle Monster, I knew these will be the one :) This 3 sheets of half moon tattoos comes in a set, so I think it's really worth the price. I used two designs for today's nail art, and I sticked them on my nails too, not only on my cuticle.
The tattoos are really easy to use (but they are not water decals, they are water tattoos), just cut the pattern around, push it on your dry, clean nail/skin with pattern down, and grab a cotton pad with water on it, and push it on the sticker. After 30 sec you can remove the paper, and your tatoo will be on your nail/skin. If you use it on your nails, than you should use a topcoat to fix it.
Sadly it's a one day only fun, if you use it on your skin, after a couple of hand washes it starts to damage, but for a party or even just for your own entertainment it's a pretty good alternative for nail decoration.

You can buy the cuticle tattoo set HERE, but you can choose from a couple of other patterns too.

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