Saturday, April 11, 2015

SWATCH & REVIEW | Layla Mirror Effect - 04 Titanium Sky

Today I have a swatch and detailed review on my first ever Layla nail polish. It's quite hard to get the brand in Hungary, but I could order it from ebay a couple of moths ago. I'm in love with chrome nail polishes since OPI Push & Shove, although they are a bit problematic. This Layla nail polish on the other hand is a loooot better than OPI.
I used 2 coats, no topcoat and no basecoat. I really like the formula, it's easy to work with, and the brush is also nice. There is 10 ml in the bottle, wich is ok. I don't really have any groove or unevenness in my nails, so it's not a problem for me, but you have to be careful with this if you have, because it will show them!
Please scroll down for more info about using topcoat and wearing time!

I only have Seche Vite at home, so I could test only with that. I painted 1 coat of SV in the right half of my thumb (sorry, the captions are in hungarian, but I will describe everything!) So, in the first 3 photos of my thumb I show you in natural light, but in different places. The last one was taken with flash. As you can see Seche Vite didn't really effected the chrome, so in my opinion you can use a topcoat (at least SV) without loosing the chrome effect. In this case you can also wear this nail polish a lot longer, because the topcoat will protect it.

I also tested the wearing time. This is how it looks after 24 hours. There is a little bit of wear off at the nail tips, but comparing to OPI Push & Shove it's nothing.

And this is how it looks after 48 hours. It's definitely a lot more wear of, but Push & Shove looked a lot worse after 24 hours than Layla after 48 hours. So Layla definitely beats OPI :D
I'm looking forward to buy more from this line, there is a couple of colors that I'm really interested in.

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  1. This looks so so nice! I have Layla in a store nearby, I'm going to check if they have these chromes too :)