Tuesday, April 07, 2015

NAIL ART | Too early? - Nautical mani

Well yeah, it's a bit early to post a nautical nail art, but who cares? :D And I didn't even planned to paint seahorses. Here's the strory: I wanted mint on my nails (like, badly), so I grabbed Models Own 'Jade Stone'. After that I really wanted some coral pattern over it, because I'm just crazy about this color combo. And the coral (color) reminded me the actual corals and seahorses. And after that I just couldn't think anything else but nautical :D
The background with the corals and the plants are minimalistic, I only painted the outlines. For the seahorses I used Essence colour & go '109 off to miami!' as a base, and I did some shading with Seche 'Coral'. The rest is black acrylic paint. To imitating the air bubbles I used Color Clob 'Snow-flakes' (the glitter version, not the flakies), and I put it some places. And to finish it off, I mattified the whole thing.
I really like how it turned out (although the seahorse in my ring finger is slightly overweight or pregnant :DDD).


  1. This is unbelievably beautiful! Seahorses are amazing creatures :)


  2. I love it. Also a nice refreshment of a nautical mani without the typical blue/white/red colour scheme. :)

  3. Absolutely amazing! I really wish I had the patience to sit and do my nails well. I love Models Own nails varnishes, they have the best choice of colours!