Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SWATCH | KBShimmer - Daisy About You

I bought this nail polish over a year ago, and I never used it. I don't know why. But now it seemed to be a good time to bust it out, since it's the most amazing spring nail polish I've ever seen.
The base is an applegreen/pistachio crelly, and in it there are tons of glitters in different sizes, colors and shapes. The most unique shape is the flower one, which is grey, but the neon lime glitters are also really cool, and I think these two tipes of glitters are really the soul of the nail polish, they make it so interesting. I used 2 thin coats, and if there was a little bit pachy after 2 coats I used a third, but I painted only the patches. Surprisingly this method was the perfect application for me, it wasn't streaky, it was fully opaque, and it wasn't too havy on the nails. You definitely have to fish a little bit for the flower glitters, but it's not that bad. Just shake well the bottle before you use it (don't worry, it won't bubble up in your nails). I used a topcoat to fix the unevenness, since the big glitters sticked out a little bit.

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  1. It's like spring in a bottle! Really pretty and cute polish :)