Saturday, April 25, 2015

SWATCH | Avon Magic Effects 'Matte' - Inky Blue

I had the chance to review some Avon nail polishes, and when they arrived I choosed the darkest to try out first (they sent me the colors randomly, so I couldn't pick my own colors). It's form the Magic Effects Matte collection, and it's called Inky Blue. At first, I was confused, because in the bottle it didn't looked like a true ink blue, but when I painted on, it al made sence.
I'm a bit sad though that the pretty reddish shimmer only shows in the bottle and not on the nails. It woud've been so much more interesting. But it's a pretty color anyways, a really deep indigo blue.
The formula was good, it's not too runny and not too thick, and I feel you can go with only 1 thick coat, but in the pictures I used 2 regular coats. It dried quickly and it had a nice, silky matte finish.
You can see the shimmers a little bit in the close-ups, but I wish they would be more visible.
The only downside of this nail polish, that it discolored my cuticles a little bit when I washed it off, but not as badly as other blue nail polished do. I used some facescrub on my fingers, and the discoloration was gone. 

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