Monday, April 20, 2015


Today I have this amazing thing called 'Fame' to talk about. It's a real chameleon, it has 1000 faces, you can't capture them all in only 1 photo.  Even with a lot of pictures, I think it needs a little bit of describing, so let's begin!
Fame has a silver holographic base, and in this base there are a good amount of silver flakies which shift to gold in certain lighting. That makes the whole color a little bit golden.
I was really surprised when I saw this nail polish in sunlight at the first time. The holographic effect was sooo strong! You can't really find a lot of pictures of Fame that were taken in sunlight, I thought it only has a slight holo effect, but boy I was wrong! :D Sadly, I couldn't manage to take photos in sunlight, but I have a photo of Happily Ever After (which is the purple twin of Fame) at my Instagram (HERE). So Fame looks the same in sunlight (but without the purple color of coulrse). But actually it's a lot more holographic in real life.
When there's no sunlight or artificial light, the flakies kick in. In certain lighting they make the finish even chrome (or at least really metallic).
I like it the most when I can see the flakies AND the holo at the same time.

I used 2 coats, with topcoat. The removal is not as simple as with the Ultrachrome flakies, the flakies in Fame dosn't dissolve in the nail polish remover, so you have to rub your nails a little bit more with the cotton pads. But it's not as hard to remove as a glitter polish, so don't worry!


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