Saturday, February 28, 2015

SWATCH | NCLA - Lead, Vocals, Me!

I was craving for a NCLA nail polish quite some time, so I ordered this blue beauty with my last Harlow & Co. purchase. This one is definitely my fave from the brand, it's a really dark jelly with tons of tiny flakies that shifts from golden to emerald.
It was quite pricey, so I was really curious what is so magical about this nail polish, that it makes it costs $16. So let's begin with some quality things:
- This nail polish is really opaque, 1 coat was almost enough, but I used 2 coats.
- I didn't used a topcoat, because I wanted to test out how long it will last on my nails. Well, I could only sustain 3 days without nail art, but on the third day I can only notice a minimal amount of abrasion on my nails, but it was so tiny, that you can only see it when you wanted to find it. And this is a really good result, because without topcoat almost every nail polish wears off of my nail tips pretty quickly.
- I was really afraid that my nails will look like I have hypothermia after I removed it, but it actually didn't discolord neither my nails nor my cuticles.

So, yeah, I think this nail polish worth the money. I can't say this for the whole brand, because this is my first NCLA, but I can definitely say, that this particular shade have a hell of a good quality!

I will talk about the color a little bit more. As I said, it's really dark blue, but because of the flakies it can be a bit teal too. Especially in warm light, the emerald flakies really kick in, and the nail polish totally looks like teal-emerald. But in natural light you can tell, that it's more like a blue than a teal color.

And this is the Oh, so fancy! box that it came with. It's like the nail polish has it's own cabinet :)


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