Wednesday, February 11, 2015

REVIEW | Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L 007

I like the new Born Pretty Store stamping plates, I think they are easy to use, the patterns are interesting and the price is totally all right. I will show you today the BP-L 007 plate which has pretty vintage, damask patterns on it. The plate contains 25 pattern in total, 15 big and 10 small.
The big patterns size is the following: they are 1,6-1,8 cm tall and 1,5 cm wide. So they are not good for super long nails! But for smaller nails (like mine) they fit perfectly.
As I said the patterns are easy to use, even if we don't use stamping polish. In the video I used a simple, thick white nail polish and it worked well. In the video I will show you all of the patterns stamped into a stamper, so you can see how every pattern transfer.

I really like this plate, and I recommend it for everyone!
If you like it you can buy it HERE!
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I made 3 manis with this plate, the last one is not that pretty because my nail polish that I used for stamping (China Glaze Emotion) didn't wanted to work, but I really liked the color combination, so I figured I will share it anyways :)

Base: Glam Polish - Vortex, stamping: Moyra 03

Base: Essie - Lady Like, Stamping: Moyra Metal Effect Purple

Base: Moyra Gel Look DesireƩ, Stamping: China Glaze - Emotion. It's mattified..


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