Thursday, March 05, 2015

REVIEW | Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Holder

You have a lot of stamping plate, but you don't now how to store them? Well then, this Born Pretty Store stamping plate holder will be perfect for you! :D I have a couple of rounded and octagon plates, but they were always in mess, I couldn't find what I wanted, so I really needed something to store them. This stamping plate holder is amazing, easy to use, and you can store 24 plates in it!
As you can see it can be open with a snap in one corner, but the other corner is fixed with a screw (or something like that).

The holder is made of faux leather, you can choose 2 kinds of pinks in the webshop (I wish there were more options, because I don't really like pink, but oh well...:D). In the holder there are 12 double sided plastic sheets (so you can store 24 plates in it), wich are perfect for the BPS round and octagon plates. I don't know that other brands stamping plates fits or not, because all of my little plates are form BPS.

With this holder you can organize and brows your plates pretty easily, I love it!
The quality of the holder is great, the faux leather was cut nicely, the metal particles are well fitted, they won't loosen up easily. So I can only recommend this thing!

You can buy it HERE, and feel free to use my 10% off code: CSBQ10


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