Thursday, February 26, 2015

FASHION on my NAILS | Delpozo Autumn/Winter 2015

Today I was inspired by the brand Delpozo, which I've never heard of before. I've found some photos  on Tumblr of their 2015 autumn/winter collection, and I fell in love. I searched a little bit, and I've found out, that Delpozo is a spanish brand. I really like that their lines are sophisticated but playful at the same time. For todays post I choosed a fancy floral dress with black lines.
This design would look amazing with much longer nails, with several black lines...but I can squeeze only 1 black line into my nail art. Anyways, I like it this way too!

In the dress the leaves are much more darker and less blue, but I wanted this nail art to be a little bit more colorful.
I had to make the black line visible with something, so I choosed gold nail stripes to do that. I really like the result, although the horizontal lines made my nails look even more short :D


  1. Wow this is so incredibly gorgeous! <3 I love how your florals look and the gold stripes really finish off the design.