Saturday, April 01, 2017

Bundle Monster | Teenage Dream

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Bundle Monster recently came out with a huge collection called Teenage Dream. This collection has everything that a nail art enthusiast will need: gel polishes, stamping polishes, stamping plates, nail vinyl, stickers and a nail wrap.
I have everything except the stamping plates, so let's start this, because it's gonna be a long one :)

They released a 6 piece gel polish collection called All That. I LOVED all of these shades when I opened them, they have shimmer, so they look really awesome, and shifty and mermaidy. When I applied them I noticed that because of the gel formula I could apply them in thin coats, but they are a little bit sheer for that, so I ended up applying 3 thin coats (which despite the thin coats builded up quite thick), and I could still see my nail lines. So I would suggest to use a base color with these, and only use them as a topper, but if you really like the sheer look, you can use them alone.

WANNABE - it's a cold pink with pink shimmer
UFO - seafoam green with blue shimmer
STAY COOL - cold purple with blue shimmer
CHILL PILL - blue with pink shimmer
CLUELESS - warm toned pink with pink/purple shimmer
AS IF - orange with pink shimmer

The Whatever Forever stamping polish collection has 6 pastel shades. I'm only gonna talk about them briefly, because nail polishes are not available outside the USA. So, they are all pastel shades, and although from the stamping polishes that I tried from Bundle Monster they stamp the best over black, they are still not as pigmented as other stamping polishes. Of course they stamp really nicely over lighter colors.
You can also use them as regular nail polishes, they cover in 2-3 coats and I really like the pink, mint and lavender shades!

There are 5 sheets of nail vinyl in this collection. You know I don't really use vinyl, so I'm not experienced at all, but this time I had pretty good results. I remembered that Simplynailogic Cristine always cuts in the vinyl, so I used that technique too, and this way I had zero trouble smoothing down the vinyl on my really curved nails, Yayyyy! :)

Product list: Bundle Monster Boo-ya!, LOL, Clarissa Blue, Straight Up Black

Product list: BM Yummy Gummy, Rocko Wear, matte topcoat, gold round studs

There are 4 sheets of metallic gold and holographic pink stickers in the collection. They are really sticky, and with careful application they can last for a long time with 1-2 coats of topcoat of course.

Product list: gel polishes from the All That gel collection over a white base

Product list: Chill Pill gel polish in 3 coats

These products are the best thing ever for a lazy girl! First I thought they are water decals, which I don't like because of all that hustle with the water, but these don't require water! These are called rub on stickers, and they are really easy to use. Simply cut out the pattern you want to use, remove the white paper underneath ( the pattern will be on a plastic film), put the pattern on your nails and gently rub your fingers on it 2-3 times and the plastic film comes off like a dream, leaving the pattern perfectly applied on your nails. The pattern itself is just as thin as a water decal, and you can smooth it down perfectly, so they can last on your nails forever! The only thing you have to be careful with is to use a water based topcoat (or UNT peel off base coat or even a gel topcoat), because a normal top coat will dissolve the sticker and will ruin the lines.

Product list: Clueless gel polish in 3 coats

Product list: Gel polishes from the All That collection.

And finally, here's the nail wrap of the collection. It's a metallic, gradient pattern with a clear base, so you can use it with any (or non) base colors. There are 20 patterns on the sheet.
I was terrified to use them, becasue I have really curved nails, but with careful application I could smooth them down on my nails, and I ended up wearing the one with the lavender base from Monday to Friday with hair washes and office work, and they stayed on perfectly. You have to make sure that all the edges are smooth down perfectly, otherwise they will start to peel off unstoppably. Also, the base color underneath should be perfectly dry before you put down the wraps.
I used 2 coats of Seche Vite over them, to make sure they are sealed, but I was surprised how well they lasted on my nails.

Of course you can use these nail wraps however you want, cut them, paint/stamp over them! You can see other options HERE, on Bundle Monster instagram.

So, huge collection, right? And there's also a 5 piece stamping plate collection!

You can grab these products here:

Gel polishes HERE (as a set or individually)
Stamping polishes HERE (as a set or individually)
Nail vinyl HERE (as a set or individually)
Metallic stickers HERE (as a set)
Rub on stickersHERE (as a set)
Nail wrapHERE
Stamping plates HERE (as a set or individually)


  1. Thanks for this! I love how thorough your reviews are, as well as the beautiful photography. I have been frustrated by bundlemonster stamping polish, any suggestions on polish brands that cover black?

    1. I'm so happy you liked this post :)))
      Mundo de Unas or Colour Alike has one of the best stamping polishes. I buy them from (worldwide shipping).