Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Powder Perfect stamping products

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

 I have some stamping products (plates and polishes) from Powder Perfect to review today.
Sadly my first package with the stamping plates was lost, so by the time the second one arrived and I finished with the manicures, the Orange stamping polish disappeared from the official website. So I'm sorry about that. Also, I checked the international stockists, and while the normal nail polishes are available, the stamping products are really hard to get internationally. I will list what's currently available and where, at the end of this post.

I got 5 stamping polishes: White, Black, Silver, Golden and Orange. They have an amazing formula, they are not too thick, yet perfectly pigmented. You can see how well they cover black on the picture above. The Golden one is a little bit pale for my taste, but it's actual stamping properties are splendid.
So, well done Powder Perfect!

I have 3 stamping plates, and I created 2-2 manicures with each using only Powder Perfect nail polishes as my base (I will list everything under the pictures). I haven't taken any pictures of the plates, well...I did, but I couldn't avoid glares and reflections, so I just deleted them all :D But I will link the plates, and at the PP site you can see great pictures about the patterns.

ART DECO stamping plate

Product list: Elysium, Horus, Osiris

Product list: Horus

EGYPT stamping plate

Product list: Ra, Mother Goddess

Product list: Vault Of Heaven

Product list: Saqqara

Product list: Toil & Trouble

I really love every single one of these Powder Perfect products here today, but it sucks that they are not really available internationally right now.

I could find 2 stamping plates on Mei Mei's Signatures, and everything is available at Beautometry, but the other stockists (list can be found HERE) are out of stock right now :(

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  1. I recently got the gold & silver stamping polishes and I love them!