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Pretty Serious | Post Apocalyptic Princess collection

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Hello everyone! I have the whole Post Apocalyptic Princess collection from Pretty Serious to show you. Pretty Serious Cosmetics is an aussie indie brand, all their polishes are 5 Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan.
I never tried Pretty Serious before, so I was super excited to swatch them. The bottles contain 11ml nail polish, the cap is made of rubber (so that's super useful), the brush itself is thin which is not my favorite because I have wider nails, but they worked really well. All the polishes dried quickly, their formula is awesome, but there is slight differences in the consistency, which I will explain at each shades.

The Post Apocalyptic Princess collection has 2 parts, I have both Part 1 and Part 2, so that's 12 polishes in total. I absolutely love everything in the post apocalyptic genre, whether it's book, game, series or movie, so this collection was right at my alley.

Badlands Bandit is a metallic blue with absolutely amazing formula, this is a streak-free polish, it applies like a dream. I used 2 easy coats, I was seriously amazed by this! This is one of my favorites from the collection.

Cherry 2000 is just like Badlands Bandit, it's a streak-free metallic polish, with excellent consistency (not too runny not too thick). I used 2 easy coats. It's a rich burgundy-wine color, which I don't wear often, but I'm sure I'm gonna grab this again in Fall.

Frogtown has a slightly jade toned medium green base, and it has green-purple irredescent shimmer flakies.  Awesome pigmentation and consistency, I used 2 thin coats + topcoat.

 Gluteus Equine is a glitter-flakie topper. It has silver holo microglitters, medium sized orange-red shifting flakies, tiny blue irredescent flakies and silver diamond holo glitters. I don't really like the diamond glitters in this, but actually they sink down in the bottle, so if you don't shake it up, you will only get the flakies and the holo mikroglitters, which don't sink up at all. But even if you shake it up, there's not too much of diamond glitters, you kinda have to fish for them.
I applied 1 coat over a black base, 1 coat of topcoat was enough to smooth out the surface.
I have pictures in direct and indirect light, so you can see the flakies and the holo too!

Another favorite of mine is Nuke The Fridge. It's a metallic olive green. It has a darkened blue base, but the olive shimmer is so intensive, that you won't see the blue on your nails. It also has tiny gold flakies too. I used 2 easy coats, amazing formula! It might will have some streaks, but if you're careful, you can smooth them out with the brush.

Toxic Tiara has a reddened-mauvey purple base, and in that base there are TONS of gold microflakies. This one has more liquidy formula, so I needed 3 coats of it (+ topcoat). I have swatches in direct and indirect light, because in indirect light it's a lot golder because of the flakies.

Here starts the Part 2 of the collection.

 All That Remains is a muted navy blue with medium amount of gold shimmer and tiny gold flakies. I love this color, perfect for Fall/Winter! It has an awesome formula, I used 2 thin coats + topcoat.

 An Uzi From Daddy (loving the name 😂) has a warm, lilac purple base, and it has tons of blue irredescent microflakies, and blue metallic hex glitters in different sizes. It has a slightly thicker formula, but it's actually really useful, because it holds the glitters in the brush, so you can have a nice glitter pay-off, and it's easy to spread. I used 2 coats. It dries matte, and I needed 1 thicker coat of topcoat to smooth out the surface.

Orange is not my color, so I can't love Bump-Dee-Bump with all my heart, but the formula is nice, it's a bit thicker, just like An Uzi From Daddy, but the base is jellier, so I ended up needing 3 coats to cover up my nail lines. It's an orange base with orange, red and gold glitters, but it has shimmerflakies in it too. 

Forbidden Zone has a deep red jelly base with lots of pink(?) microglitters and gold glitters in different sizes. This one is the thickest in the collection, almost gooey, but again, the application itself was easy regardless. I used 2 thicker coats, and I needed 1 thick coat of topcoat to smooth out the surface.

I don't like pinks, but when I recieved the package this was the first one that I grabbed and tried out. Princess Plutonium is a bright hot pink with black flakes. I was hypnotized by this, it's so insane on the nails! This one has a slightly thicker formula, which is not a bad thing at all, the flakes are super easy to spread with this consistency, and there are zero fishing for them, it's packed with flakies! I only needed 2 coats, which was surprising, because neon-like pinks tends to go on streaky, but this one was perfect! I needed 1 thick coat of topcoat, but you might need 2 coats, because some of those flakies are really big.
Btw. I'm going to show you a nail art with this polish tomorrow, so stay tuned for that ;)
Edit: HERE's the link for the nail art ^^

Wicked Wasteland has a black jelly base and it has an intense chocolate brown shimmer. Awesome formula on this one too, these shimmer/metallic polishes tends to have the same, perfect formula, so I highly recommend them! I used 2 easy coats + topcoat, there was no streaks at all!

As I went through the polishes on by one, I was blown away by the quality, especially the shimmer/metallic ones, perfect pigmentation and consistency! 

You can buy these (and many more shades, nail care products) at the official PS webshop (HERE), or you can find them at stockists like Harlow & Co., Hypnotic Polish or The Nailista Shop (full list is HERE).

I got a strengthening basecoat too (Rock On!), but I'm going to test that one for a couple of weeks before I write my review.

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What do you think of these shades?


  1. Gorgeous swatches and photos, Lexa! I'm loving the navy shimmer, All That Remains, and that dark brown shimmer is breathtaking on you!


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