Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cupcake Polish | Butterfly collection

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                      PR sample

I have the upcoming Cupcake Polish Buttefly collection to show you. It consist of 6 basic shades, they all intensive linear holos.
The polishes has slightly thicker consistency, a bit gummy-like, but the application wasn't too bad. The first coat was a bit weird to apply, but I didn't noticed it at the second coat (I used 2 coats of each shades + topcoat). To be honest, I like thicker formulas better, especially with a thin brush, because I have wide nails, and it's always difficult to apply polish with a thin brush combined with a thin polish, so I kinda liked this thicker fomula actually :D

Cocoon is my absolute favorite from the collection, which is so weird, because I don't normally wear orange (because most of the times it looks horrible with my skintone, but not this one). It's an orange, but I can see a tiny bit of coral/salmon tone and a slight coppery-ness in it, which makes it such a unique color. And of course there's that blinding crazy linear holo <3
I took pictures in direct sunlight too, so you can really see all the holo :)

Time To Fly is my second favorite (and again, I'm not a big fan of pink :D). It's a bright, vibrant magenta, looks so good in the sunshine, such a cheerful, happy color!

Little Butterfly is a warm toned medium grass green. I love greens, so obviously I really liked this one too. Brave choice of color, but that awesome holo will make you buy it :D

We have a blue in the collection as well. Metamorphosis is a medium blue, I can see a hint of cornflower blue tones in it.


Hatch of the Day is much more a delicate pink, it's not that bright as Time To Fly. I can see some mauve tones in it.

Transformation is a medium purple linear holo. Really pretty one!

 The Butterfly collection will be available tomorrow (April 24th) at 11AM CST on
Hopefully they will arrive soon to the international stockists too (you can find the stockist list HERE, plus Nailland).

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