Friday, April 22, 2016

Glam Polish | The King collection

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 I have swatches and review of the upcoming Glam Polish collection which is called The King collection. It's a tribute to the legendary king of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley. This collection consists of 9 shades, they are named after Elvis songs.
Now let's get into the swatches.


It's a holo base with red, blue and white small glitters and silver ultra holo glitters. It's glitter packed, so you will only need 2 coats of it. Because this is a micro glitter type of polish, it will dry a bit textured, so you will need 2 coats of topcoat to even out the surface.


It's a holo base with colorful hex holo glitters. This one is really blingy! I used 2 coats, but I have a feeling that 1 coat of it would look awesome over a white (or black) base!
This one also dries a bit textured, so you will need 2 coats of topcoat.


It has a deep, burgundy-plum base with holo flakies and glass fleck flakies. It also has somethign that looks like a holo bar glitter, but it's a lot smaller (like holo flakie size). They have a bit of thickness, so they will cause a bit of textured finish, also the polish seems to gather around those tiny particles. It's not noticable once you build up the color with 2 coats of polish, but on the first coat you can see this. Anyway, you will either need 2 coats of topcoat to smooth out those tiny bar types of thingies, or you have to gently push them into the polish with your finger (when the polish is half-dried).


It has a green toned turquoise base with green-turquoise glass flecks, holo flakies and those tiny holo "bar type things". I really like this color, it's one of my favorite shades. I used 2 coats of it, and I needed 1-2 coas of topcoat (again, those bar flakies make the polish textured).


It's such a beautiful color! It has a burnt burgundy base, but the tiny golden flakes make it much more fiery and golden-glowy. It also has holo flakies and that holo bar flakies, so it will dry textured, unless you gently tap those things into the polish with your finger. I used 2 coats + 1 tick coat of topcoat.


No, it's not a pure white holo, I don't think that's even possible, but it's close. It's more like an off-white or a really, really light grey crelly. It has holo shimmer and ultra holo glitters.
Nice formula, 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner will be enough! I used 1 thick coat of topcoat, it doesn't dries textured.


 It's a pastel pink crelly with holo and ultra holo glitters. It's not too girly or "cute", it has more like a sophisticated look. I can see a bit of mauve tones in it, maybe that's why it looks so elegant to me.
I needed 2 coats and 1 thick coat of topcoat.


It's a pastel blue crelly with holo shimmer and ultra holo glitter. It's a nice, calm shade, perfect for Spring!
I used 2 coats and 1 thick coat of topcoat.


This color is also a favorite of mine. It's a medium royal blue, but I can see a hint of purple too. It reminds me of piCture pOlish Forget Me Not, this one is darker, but the tone is similar. It has holo flakies, "holo bar flakies" and blue glass flecks. The glass flecks show up a lot better in real life, but my camera couldn't really capture them :( You can see how they flash up on the bottle picture above.
I used 2 coats, and 1-2 coats of topcoat will be needed because of those bar flakie thingies.

I really like the color selection of this collection, I think there's something for everyone in here.
They will launch on Friday April 29th 2PM EST USA on

Glam Polish currently trials a shipping by USPS first class mail to selected countries in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Norway & Netherlands), the rates are $13.60 USD for the first polish and $3.30 USD for each additional polish. More info on shipping can be read HERE.

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What do you think about these colors?
Do you have any favorites that you're planning to grab?


  1. These are all so pretty! Great swatches!

  2. I wasn't going to even open this post, I wasn't that intrigued. But those colors..! I need at least four of them <3 Beautiful swatches!