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Pahlish | Patisserie de Pahish collection + April duo

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I have swatches of the new (they launched on April 8th) Pahlish collection called Patisserie de Pahlish as well the April duo called The Delicate Sound of Thunder.
The Patisserie de Pahlish collection have 5 creams and 2 flakie toppers, the creams are inspired by macarons and the toppers are inspired by marshmallows ^^
Btw. the creams felt more like crellies to me, they are not those heavy cream polishes, but the formula was nice, it wasn't runny at all. The 5 creams can be purchased individually ($11) or as a 5 piece set ($50). They all have a little bit of dusty/muted color, which I like so much!

Pistache is described as a warm pistachio, to me it's more like a pastel olive color. I really like it, it's one of my favorites from the collection!
I used 3 thin coats, but you can probably get away with 2 thicker ones too.

Menthe Glaciale is described as a rich glacier blue. I can see a hint of green in it (so maybe we can call it turquoise too) as well that muted tone.
I used 1 thin and 1 generous coat.

Griotte Amande is a soft, pastel-ish marsala color. I like this one sooo much! I was looking for this color a while now, and now I've found it :) It's the perfect marsala to me, not too red, not too brown and not too deep.
This one had the best pigmentation, this is 2 easy coats.

Cassis Violette is described as a violet-greige. It's the perfect taupe to me, I like these kinds of colors so much! Perfect for nail art base color too!
I used 1 thin and 1 thick coat.

Petale de Rose is a soft orchid pink. I don't like pinks, but I like colder, orchid pinks like this, sadly this one has a bit thin formula, so I needed 3 normal coats.

There are 2 flakie toppers in the Patisserie de Pahlish collection, which were inspired by marshmallows. These can be purchased individually, for $11. Let's take a look of them!

 Guimauve a la Framboise is an absolutely gorgeous topper! It has copper flakies, red to orange to pink to purple UCC flakies and pink-purple glassfleck shimmers. Awwww I love this so much, even though that it's more like a Fall color scheme.
These are truly toppers, so you can't really build these up for full opacity. I used 1 thick coat over Griotte Amande. These can be removed easily.

Guimauve a la Violette has silver flakies, pink to purple to blue UCC flakies and purple-blue glassfleck shimmers. I'm a sucker for flakies, so obviously I adore this one too :D
I used 1 coat on my index and little finger, and 2 coats on the rest. I applied it over Cassis Violette.


This duo is only available as a set, for $18. It's a cream and a flakie topper combo. 

Cried for the Moon is a muted greyish blue.
I used 3 thin coats here.

Crazy Diamond has silver and charcoal flakies and bluish shimmer flakies. I feel that this would look better over a darker color, but over this greyish blue it totally have the feeling of a rainy Spring day :)
1 coat over Cried for the Moon.

As I said, these are already available on the Pahlish website, they ship internationally too!
I love how muted most of them look, and the toppers are just simply glorious!

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