Saturday, March 12, 2016

KBShimmer | Spring 2016 | Mega Flame collection

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

 This collection was an unexpected joy in my Monday morning, when the postman handed me over a mystery Harlow & Co. package. Katie was kind (and awesome) enough to send me the sparklier half of the upcoming KBShimmer Spring 2016 collection. Thank you Katie!
This smaller collection is called Mega Flame, and it consists of 7 super sparkly, jelly base + ultra holo glitter nail polishes.
I know, I know, everyone started thinking about the latest Cupcake Polish Unicorn collection, but fear not, these shades are totally different, so no dupes at all. At the end of this post I will include swatch stick comparisons of the shades that might seems similar, but they are not.

Now let's see them one-by-one. I used 2 easy coats of each, plus 1 coat of topcoat. These have a little bit better pigmentation as the Cupcake Polish ones have btw.

Night Bright
Nothing too complicated to explain, black jelly + thousands of rainbows <3

Ripe For The Pink-ing
Slightly cool toned medium raspberry pink. I'm not crazy about pinks, but I really liked this one on my nails!

Set In Ocean
Bright sky blue. I like this a lot better than Cupcake Polish Dream!

Smells Like Green Spirit
Warm, bright, crisp grass green. I have soooo much love for this shade!
And from now on, let's all mumble some Nirvana :D

So Flamous
Peach. Which is not great on my skintone, it washes me out (which I'm so sad about, but kinda get used to, because the majority of peach shades do that :( ), but I'm so happy for it to be in this collection, because you can't really find this shade in a jelly-holo glitter finish, so if you like peach, grab it!

Stalk Market
It's a noticeably green tinted yellow. I love it, one of my favorites!

Things That Make You Go Bloom
Surprisingly this one is my absolute favorite from the collection, despite that I'm not the biggest "girly-shade" lover. It's a cool toned lavender with pink undertones. Soooo pretty!

And now here come the comparisons. As you can see the colors are totally different. These pictures were taken in natural daylight.

I love this collection so much, I love wearing holo glitters in Spring/Summer!
This collection, and the rest of the Spring 2016 collection will be launching on March 15th on KBShimmer and Harlow & Co.

What are your favorites?


  1. Such a pretty bouquet of colors for spring! Beautiful swatching and your photos are fantastic, I love the bottle shot. My favorite shade on you is the raspberry Ripe for the Pinking! Choosing for myself, I'd pick Night Bright, Ripe for the Pinking, Stalk Market and maybe Things That Make You Go Bloom, although lavenders are iffy on my profoundly pink skin tone, which tends to wash them out. I've seen this blue (Set in Ocean) and the green (Smells Like Green Spirit) so often in non-glitter holos that the colors just don't excite my eyes as much as they used to. Like you, I cannot wear peach, but I think Chrissy did a wonderful job with the color.

  2. These are amazingly beautiful — definitely picking them all up when they're out. Beautiful swatches!

  3. These are stunning! I don't know how I can Whittle it down but I want them all. Do you know how they compare to KB Shimmer gemstone collection from the winter?

    1. Oh yes, they look so awesome!
      Well, the finish is totally different from the gemstone collection. These one have holo glitters, the gemstone ones have silver flakies + holo shimmer. I don't know if the colors are similar or not, sadly I don't have any of the gemstone shades.

  4. These are stunning! I don't know how I can Whittle it down but I want them all. Do you know how they compare to KB Shimmer gemstone collection from the winter?