Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Born Pretty Store holo and chameleon nail polishes

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I got these seven Born Pretty Store nail polishes for review. I never tried any nail polishes from BPS, so I was really curious how they perform, and I gotta say, they were a pleasant surprise.
They have a really nice, dare I say perfect quality. The only thing that bothers me is their price. I think they are really overpriced, because there is only 6ml in the bottles!
These 7 nail polishes are available as a set (HERE) or you can buy them separately (The numbers of each color will be clickable!).
There are 4 linear holographic, I used 2 super easy coats of all 4, their formula is perfect. They all have really strong linear holo, much stronger as my pictures show.
The other 3 are multichrome with holo or metallic glitters. I used 2 coats of each, on a black base. Again, these have really great formula too, they are not streaky at all!
Now let's see the colors one by one!

This one a medium blue with purple undertones.

This is the perfect raspberry color to me. It's really vibrant on the nails, I really liked this one on me.

This is a pink-purple berry color, but it's a tiny bit dusty, so it's not super saturated. I didn't see this color often, I really like it.

This one is also a really interesting and unique color. It's a brownish-orange-burnt red. I think I never seen this color before from other brands.

Purple-blue-green multichrome, but sometimes it shift to an orange-pink tone too. This one was a litle bit disappointing, the shifting is not too good, it's mostly just blue. It has tiny silver holo glitters in it.

This one has much better shifting properties. It shifts gold, orange, red, but sometimes you can see some green or pink in it too. This one also contain tiny silver holo glitters.

And we are here, at my favorite one. This is such a crazy combination, but I totally fell in love with it. It shifts a wide spectrum of colors, from pink to purple, blue, green, sometimes even orange. The shift is easy, and vibrant. It has bigger and smaller green metallic glitters.

I can't recommend these from the bottom of my heart, beacuse I do think that they are overpriced, even though the quality is perfect. I would recommend wait until they go on sale, becase there are some pretty unique colors there (like that brownish-burnt red holo, or the raspberry holo, or this last one chameleon).

If you do want to purchase them, use my code CSBQ10 for 10% off.


  1. Last one is the most pretty! Love it!

  2. They are really nice but the price is too high.

  3. the last one is pure perfection!