Saturday, March 05, 2016

Born Pretty Store | Liquid nail tape

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 My liquid latex (which I use to protect my skin from stamping and sponging) dried out, so I thought I will try out a peel-off stuff from Born Pretty Store. Well, it's not going to be my favorite.
There is 15ml white liquid in the bottle, it has quite strong citrus/grapefruit smell, which didn't bothered me much. The liquid itself it's not latex-like, I don't know what kind of material this would be. It comes with a nice, flat brush, which was a perfect tool to distribute the product around my nails.
My first try was a total failure, for two reasons: I didn't used a thick coat of it, and my skin was quite dry. I don't know if my skin is extra dry or what, but if I didn't oil it before I use the peel-off stuff, it's not going to peel off at all.

In the next couple of pictures you can see the whole process, which was my 2nd try. I oiled my skin a little bit, and used a tick coat of peel-off tape. As you can see it comes off nicely, in 1 piece, but sadly it clings onto my skin at the very edges of my nails. Sadly this problem occurred all the time (see the following pictures/tries). Of course I could get those little pieces out with an orange stick, but, well, it took me quite some time.

You can see 2 more tries in the following pictures. The last pictures show that I always had some leftover pieces near the nail. Otherwise the peel-off tape comes off in 1 piece.

It kinda works, but I'm not totally sold, and I think you can find better products out there for this job. You can find this product HERE, on Use my code CSBQ10 for 10% off.

What's your favorite cuticle skin defender?


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. You just saved me some money.

  2. Aaah, thanks for the oil tip! I have this product and struggle with the same issues. I will try it one more time now before throwing it out for good xD
    Love, Christina