Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bundle Monster | Fesival Collection | Cali Dreamin' Gel Polishes + nail art

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 Bundle Monster surprised me with a box full of goodies. These goodies are part of their new Festival collection, which consists of a gel polish set, water decals, holo stickers and of course stamping plates. Since there is a lot of things to show, I divided the content of the box for 2 sections, today I'm going to show you the gel polishes and the other nail art decorations, and tomorrow I'm going to show you the 10pcs stamping set.

The 6 piece gel polish collection is called Cali Dreamin', and these are real GEL polishes, so you're going to need an LED lamp to cure them!
I never tried/swatched gel polishes before, and I'm not going to make it a habit, but when I saw the promo picture I got soft seeing all of these juicy, summer shades :D I'm not going to wear them on my fingernails, but since I don't paint my toenails every other day or so like my fingernails, I can totally wear these gel polishes on my toenails all spring and summer :D

But don't worry, I'm not going to swatch them on my toe :D I applied a peel-off basecoat (Elmers glue type worked really well, or you can use a liquid latex) before I painted and cured these gel polishes, so I could pop them right off when I finished taking photos.
I'm not experienced in gel polsihes at all, so I can only provide swatches, but I can say that 2 thin coats were enough of all, and I cured each coat about 2 minutes, but I think maybe 1 minute could be fine too, but this depends on your UV lamp.
The site says, that you will need a gel basecoat and topcoat for these, you can buy those at Bundle Monster too, as well as the UV lamp, THIS cute portable "flashlight" version looks awesome!
You can find the Cali Dreamin' collection HERE, it's available as a set, or you can buy the shades individually.

Lightweaver is a medium pink with cool undertones, it's not too bright or neon, it's not "in your face", but it's still a fun summer shade.

Escape Velocity is a creamy mint color, I really like this one!

Papaya Whip is a peach, slightly less pastel than my pictures show.

Indigo Indio is a slightly dusty medium-dark blue, I loved this one too!

Mojave Mixer is my favorite from the 6 shades, such a crazy color! It's a yellow toned neon green. LOVE IT!

Acoustic Asana is a watermelon shade, I can't describe it better. It's not a true pink, it has some red in it. This one is really bright, but not a true neon. Loved it though!

I did some nail art over the gel polishes, I used water decals and holo stickers from the Festival collection.

This 5 piece water decal set is available HERE, I used the left one over Papaya Whip.

This 5 piece holo sticker is available HERE, I did 2 manicures using these, base colors are Indigo Indio and Lightweaver.
In my box there was a jar of mixed stones. I didn't made nail art for those, I actually did two in the past, you can find that blogpost HERE if you missed it back then.

Well, this was Part I. of my Festival collection review, come back tomorrow to see my review on the 10 piece stamping plate set :)

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  1. Great review, I really like the decals and the stamping plates from this box!