Thursday, January 28, 2016

Knitted patterns

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                   Nothing to disclose

I didn't felt blogging this week, but I forced myself to write this post today.
Winter equals knitted, I like actual knitted clothes too, but I also like to paint knitted pattern onto my nails. I never done 3D knitter design though, usually it's done with gel, but I experimented a little, and I've found a really nice alternative.
Btw. I'm not too happy with this manicure as a whole, but I like the individual nails, so I definitely wanted to show you.

To achieve the 3D knitted pattern I used a nude base (Golden Rose Rich Color 05), mattified it, then used a nude textured polish (Rimmel Space Dust 03 Aurora) to paint on the design. I went over twice with Aurora, so it really stood out of the nails surface.
On my index and little fingers there're the same pattern, that I saw HERE. I like the green one (base is Essie Vested Interest), but the berry colored one looks too dark or I don't know, it just don't looks good :D (The berry base is Astor 593 VIP Velvet Parma). Everything else is acrylic paint.
I mattified the whole thing, because it felt the right thing to do. I don't know how I feel about this nail art, I really like some parts of it, but I hate some others :D

What do you think about it?


  1. Gorgeous! Soooo beautiful!

  2. OMG - I love this design!! It's amazing. Stunning. Beautiful!
    I really should try this 3D-method once.

  3. Sweet. I like these :-D