Friday, January 08, 2016

El Corazon | Gemstones | Sodalite, Cat's Eye, Emerald, Charoite

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                    Nothing to disclose

I ordered a couple of (11 to be exact) nail polishes from the russian nail polish brand, El Corazon. They offered free shipping through December, so I thought now is the time :D I'm going to show you 4 today, and they all from the Gemstones collection.
The webshop btw. is really decent, the package arrived exatly after 2 weeks, the polishes were nicely packed in bubble wrap, and I got a tracking number too, so I can really recommend buying from there. The shipping is 500 rubles (about $6,6-7) to everywhere, so it's really reasonable.

The brand is available at Hypnotic Polish or Nailland too. 

I'm going to show you everything that I ordered, but today let's see my picks from the Gemstones collection!

423/454 Sodalite     |    2-3 coats + topcoat
 Sodalite looks nothing like the stone sodalie. This polish is straight up graphite grey. It has neutral undertone, so if you see some blue in my photos, forget it :D It has a really metallic finish, and it also has scatter holo. I really like how it looks like.
Btw. all 4 polishes are more like sheer and liquidy, so you will need most likely 3 coats of them, but in return they dry quickly.

423/471 Cat's Eye     |    3 coats + topcoat
 This polish is so unique! I love these kinds of weird, grey toned greens. It has a cold undertone, and it contains green shimmer (which makes the finish metallic) and TONS of scatter holo. Oh, I love this colour so much!

423/468 Emerald     |    3 coats + topcoat
Yet another green, but this one has warm undertones. It's a mossy green, with emerald shimmer and scatter holo. The shimmer gives the finish a metallic wibe. It contains less scatter holo than Cat's Eye or Sodalite, but it's not a bad thing in my eyes. It has almost the same base color than Nymph (from the Large Hologram collection), I will have a comparison below.

So here is the comparison of Nymph (ring finger) and Emerald. They have the same base colour, but of course the finish is totally different. If I had known that they have the same base color I wouldn't bought it both, but now, I couldn't decide which one I like more :D I thought about selling one of them, but again, I can't choose, so both of them will stay :D

423/472 Charoite     |   3/1 coats + topcoat
This polih is a soft, spring shade. You can use it on its own (3 coats) or as a topcoat. It's a clear base with scatter holo, blue microflakies and red/pink shimmer. If you look at it at a distance it looks lavender. I will show you first on it's own, then on white and black. On black, you really can see the pink shimmer.


  1. They look pretty but Emerald is definitly my favorite :)

  2. These are all so pretty :-D

    I keep seeing so many of these EC polishes that I like! :-D