Monday, January 04, 2016

Avon | Liquid Sequins | Dazzle, Sequin, Glimmer

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 Hi! I hope everyone having a great new year so far. Today's blogpost is all about glitter and bling. I got 3 (out of the total 4 shades) from the - fairly - new Avon Magic Effects line, it's called Liquid Sequin.
I like how glittery and festive these look. Let's see them up close.

Dazzle | 3 coats + topcoat

This one is my favorite out of these 3, I simply love it's color combination! The base is a purple jelly, and it has medium size metallic pink glitters and small metallic bronze glitters. I'm really into bronze lately, so I'm quite happy that it has bronze glitters instead of gold or something. It makes it more unique. The first coat is a bit tricky, you have to play with the glitter placement more, but the second and third coats are a lot easier to apply. You will need at least 2 coats of topcoat though, to smooth out the surface.

 Sequin | 3 coats + topcoat

 Clear base with lots of silver microglitters and medium size metallic glitters in various colours (blue, pink, green, silver, orange). You can use it on it's own - this way you will need 3 coats-, but you can also layer it over a creme base. I will show you both ways, let's see it on it's own first.

It's really blingy and shiny, a total glitter party!

You can layer it over almost anything, I used a simple black base, but I bet it looks amazeballs over white too! I used only 1 thin coat, you can see how much glitter it contains.

Dazzle | 2-3 coats + topcoat

 It's a gold microglitter base with small silver holo glitters! There's not a ton of holo glitters in it, so don't expect a huge holo effect, but they do shine nicely out of the gold base. The gold itself has yellow undertones, but it's not too bright, it's not in your face. Sadly, it's not the best choice of gold for my skintone, but it's really pretty anyways.


  1. Not so crazy about Sequins, but the other two are gorgeous! They remind me of something an indie would put out, especially the gold!

  2. Nice collection. I bought this when it came out :-D