Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bundle Monster | stamping guides

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Today I will show you something really interesting and useful thing that will change your way of thinking about nail stamping. The thing what I'm talking about is called stamping guide, and it's from Bundle Monster.
The idea is that you use your old (or new :D) stamping plates, but using these templates/guides you can stamp different shapes out of your stamping plate patterns. Sounds interesting, isn't it? And it's totally easy to use once you practiced a little.

You can buy these 4 metal plates only as a set, I think that's a little bit sad, because if you're a beginner at stamping you might don't want to invest in all four, maybe you like only 1 of them, and so you choose not to buy the whole set. But if you're a stamping fanatic I think these 4 guides will be a must have. Anyways, I think these are a brilliant idea, and they will definitely bring some fun in your stamping routine.

With these, your stamping process will be the following: You start to stamp as usual, you paint with your polish, scrape the excess of, and then you grab one of your stamping guide and place it on your stamping plate (not your nail!!!), then you pick up the pattern with a stamper.

With a little bit of practice you can master the whole process, but I would like to give some tips to sucess even sooner:
- You should start with slow drying stamping polishes (like Mundo de Unas) first, because at the beginning you will need more time to place your guide in the desired place, and if you use a quick drying polish (like that Essie metallic polish I used :/) the polish might will dry before you could pick up the pattern. Of course later on, when you start to feeling the whole thing you can choose qiuck drying polishes too.
- You "have" to use busy patterns, patterns that have a lot of lines and image, so the shapes (from the stamping guide) will have a nice and strong outline.
- You can probably use any types of stamper heads, except those really hard ones. I have only 2 squishy stamper, the big pink Bundle Monster one, and a Creative Stamper. Both worked well, but I guess you have to figure out for your own what will work the best for you.
- If you know how to stamp right in the middle of your nails, totally parallel then good for you :D You can stamp the pattern into your nail right after you picked the pattern up, but if you're like me and are incapable to stamp nicely, then you can make your pattern into a decal. After all, these stamping guides are rather a decal making things, but if you're practiced (and quick) enough you can stamp directly on your nails.
- Lastly, don't give up if your first design don't turn out the way you want. Maybe you have to change how hard to press the stamper into the plate or maybe you have to be quicker. If you stay positive and just keep trying you will succeed, I promiss! The picture below is one of my first tries (like 5th or 6th or so), and they are almost perfect. So it really don't need too much time to learn (if you're somewhat practiced in nail stamping in general).

Now let's see all 4 stamping guides one by one, and the nail arts that I came up with.

This is one of my favorite guide, it contains some awesome designs. I choosed 4 different pattern, one for each nail. Actually two of the patterns are the exact same ones that you saw earlier on the stampers. My base was El Corazon Cosmos, my stamping polish was Essie Penny Talk, and my stamping plate was Bundle Monster BM-XL155.

This one is my least favorite, because most of the patterns are too wide for my nails, but the smaller (circle, star, heart) ones fit nicely. My base was El Corazon Nymph (with some added dry brush spots with Essie Leggy Legend), my stamping polish was Mundo de Unas Black and the stamping plate was Born Pretty Store BP-L013.

With the first row of this guide you can minimize the clean up, and with the second row you can make french manis or ruffian, just like I did. My base was Avon Moonbeam, stamping polish was Mundo de Unas Black, and the stamping plate was Bundle Monster BM-XL154.

This guide also contains some nice geometric designs, I love them! I used Avon Eclipse as my base, a bronze metallic nail polish from the brand Moyra, and Born Pretty Store BP-21 stamping plate.
And I get surprised every time when I use green/teal with bronze, they look sooooo good together 💙

As you can see it's really not that hard to use these awesome stamping tools, you can turn your old and boring stamping plates interesting again. It's so much fun using these, and they are definitely a must for a stamping enthusiast :)

You can purchase these as a set at, HERE.

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  1. Wonderful Manicures!
    BTW, Do You have an Avon Cosmic -Aurora ?

    1. Thank you so much :)
      No, I don't have Aurora, only Eclipse and Moonbeam.

    2. Too bad... I hope these nailpolishes will appear in Russian cataloges. I like them.

  2. I just purchased the guides and I can't wait to try them out. I love what you did with them, all manis are awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! These guides are so much fun, I'm sure you will like them :)

  3. How beautiful AND extremely helpful! I've had these (plus BM's plastic guides) for a while, but haven't used yet. I thought the guide would go on the nail, so the tip to place guide on stamping plate was great for me! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this information!

  4. Nice article. Just purchased these based on your review. Thanks!