Friday, July 17, 2015

SWATCH | Rimmel Rita Ora Colourfest Collection

I've won the Rimmel Rita Ora Collection a couple of weeks ago (you can see my entry nail art HERE). There are 8 colors available at Hungary, so I will show you all of them today. The colors are summery and really pretty, and the formula is also great! I used 2 coats of each, they are not streaky (but keep that in mind that my nails are short, so it's easier to paint the polish evenly). They all dried quick and they have a glossy finish. I didn't used a topcoat for the pics! Sadly couple of the colors are stain a little bit (both nails and cuticles - if we are uncareful with the removal), but it's not a terrible stain, I've seen a lot worse. So in general I really like them and I recommend them!

Peachella: A nice pastel peach color. 1 regular + 1 thicker coat. 

Tangerine Tent: Surprisingly my fave from the collection (In general I don't like orange on myself, but this one is awwww, soo pretyyy :D). This one is a vibrant, but not neon orange. It stains a little bit. 2 regular coats.

Glastonberry: I won't say that this is a classic red, it's more like a juicy, "summer red". It has a little bit of pink undertone. This one has a really great formula, I could have gone with only 1 thicker coat, but I used 2 regular coats here. Sadly it stains a little bit.

Neon Fest: Despite it's name it's not a neon pink, but it's pretty vibrant. I don't like pinks, so this is my least fave color. It's a simple medium pink, but with a pretty great formula, 2 regular coats will be enough. 

Go Wild-er-ness: A cold toned pastel lavender. This one is quite sheer compared to the other ones. I used 2 thicker coats, but I feel it's still not perfect. 

Roll In The Grass: A pretty mint color, this is my second fave. 2 easy coats.

Port-a-loo-blue: I would say that this is a bluish teal. It's more vibrant in real life. Amazing formula, 2 easy coats. It stains a little bit.

Rain Rain Go Away: In my opinion this is a taupe-ish nude. Really pretty, but I think this will only suit for a couple of skintones. 2 regular coats.

What's your favorite?

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