Sunday, July 05, 2015

REVIEW | Bundle Monster 'Around The World' stamping plate collection

Press Sample!

I have the whole 'Around The World' stamping plate collection from Bundle Monster to show you today. The set contains 5 stamping lates, which will bring us 5 different places in the World. We can have Paris, India, Japan, China and Egypt on our nails with this collection.

The plates (and a lot of other things) aro on sale right now, so grab them now. You can buy the whole set for a really good price, or you can choose your faves separately.
The metal plate's size is 6x12 cm, and the rectangle patterns are 1,5x2,2 cm, so they will fit almost everyone's nail size. I must say, I was a little bit nervous, because I've never used image plates before, so I was unfamiliar with the situation :D I tried my best to use the image section of the plates too.
I got 2 scrapers too, one of them is super thin and flexible and the other was thicker and stiffer, but I could use both of them fine.

I did 2-3 nail arts with each plates, so prepare yourself for a looong and picture heavy  post :)

The 'Parisian Perfection' plate is one of my faves, I think all the patterns are really easy to use (even for a first timer image plate user girl like myself :D). My fave patterns are the "Ooh Lala" sign, the cheese pattern, and the bow/stipe pattern.

'Paisley Delhite' has amazing oriental patterns, my faves are the 2 half moons in the left upper corner, and the whole right side including the chess board.

'Kyoto In Spring' has some really amazing patterns, I like this plate a lot! My fave patterns are the 3 rectangle patterns, the 2 wave patterns and the roses.

'Shanghai Summer' was a little bit hard to use, it wasn't really my kind of thing, but this is just personal preference, although I did enjoy the dragon pattern and the 2 rectangle patterns!

'Pharaoh-est of All' is probably my fave from the collection, I love egyptian culture so much! I think the plate is really easy to use, just like the Paris plate. I practically like all of the patterns of this stamping plate!

I hope you enjoyed this long blogpost, and I also hope that I could show you a couple of inspirations about the usage of these plates. Again, if you like these plates, you can buy them as a set, or separately from Bundle Monster.

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  1. Wow love this post! I think its awesome how you really showed the versatility of these plates! All your manis look beautiful!