Monday, July 06, 2015

SWATCH | Morgan Taylor: Dress Up, West Coast Cool, Totally A-Tealing

I have 3 Morgan Taylor shades to show you today. I'm also gonna share my thoughts about the Stick With It basecoat and the Need For Speed topcoat. I got these goodies from the hungarian distributor of the brand.
First, let's see the base and topcoat combo. When I had my exams last month I had the chance to try them out. I didn't had the time nor the energie to paint my nails every day back then, so I used both the base and the topcoat with a random Avon nail polish, I wore that mani for a whole week!!! :D I could only see a little bit of wear off on my tips (which I think is totally natural after a week), but no chipping (well, only on 2 nails, but they are a lot more week and flexible, I always get chipping on those nails). The next week I tried the base+topcoat combo again, with Morgan Taylor I'm Charmed, and I wore that many for a week again. After a week it was the same thing as with the Avon nail polish. So I'm pretty impressed with the combo, although I'm not completely satisfied with the topcoat itself. It should be fast drying, but I woke up in the next morning with sheet patterns all over my nails :( It also picks up the basecolor, which will eventually discolor the whole bottle of clear topcoat. For that reason I also not recommend it for stamping, it smears the pattern. My Seche Vite does a whole lot better job!

So the Need For Speed topcoat will not be my fave, but let's see what about these pretty cream colors.

First is Dress Up, which is a nice, slightly cool toned medium purple. The formula was perfect, this is 2 easy coats. It dries super fast, and leaves a super glossy finish.

Next is West Coast Cool, an amazing medium blue, really vibrant. I used 2 coats here. Sadly it discolored my nails and my cuticles, but it wasn't too bad, I could remove it from my skin with a little bit of body scrub. 

This is Totally A-Tealing, a deep and beautiful teal color. It goes more towards green in my opinion. This is such a perfect fall/winter color! I love how dark it is, but still it's not too dark, so it won't look black on your nails. This was 2 coats again, perfect formula! 

Overall, I really impressed with the cream nail polishes, and the Stick With It basecoat is amazing too, only the topcoat was a bit of disappointment to me.


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