Monday, July 20, 2015

ILNP | Paige & Ten Fold

I have two shades from the latest ILNP Ultra Holographic collection to show you. I'm not a pink person, but the first color that caught my eyes was Paige. I bought these and 2 others (Mega (X) and Shoreline) from Nailland.

I now that I will buy some other shades from this and the other collection, because I'm kind of in love with ALL OF THEM right now :D

So Paige has a cold undertone (thank God!) and it has a strong blue-ish holographic effect. Strangely, it also has a strong orange hue in that holo, it's almost like it's on fire in the inside! Really stunning! I used 2 thicker coats with topcoat, but you can use 3 thin coats too. 

For me, Ten Fold is a mint color, which is my fave spring/summer color, so it was obvious that I'm gonna get this one too. Really pretty with that amazing ultra holo effect.
I used 2 thicker coats + topcoat.


  1. Wow, I'm in love with these wonderful pictures of ILNP nail polishes! **

  2. Both of them are breath taking beautiful!