Monday, January 05, 2015

NAIL ART | Peacock

In January there will be a couple of bird inspired nail art in the blog thanks to a hungarian nail art challange. Today the theme was (surprise, surprise) the peacock.
I've never done peacock feathers (you know, that typical one that everyone has to make once in their lives because it's so obvious) so I was really looking in to this.
Well, it turned out a bit different, but I'm not complaining at all, I really like it!
I was inspired by these two pictures (click to enlarge):

Source:  1  |  2

As you can hopefully recognise I painted peacock feathers on my middle and ring finger. I used different kinds of duochrome, metallic and normal nail polishes and fine lines to create the feathery look. To understand my other nails you have to enlarge the first inspirational picture. The blue represents the peacock's neck, and the little scale tipe of things are those little feathers near the peacock's neck.

I'm really happy that this challenge came across, because I freakin LOVE this mani, I'm not gonna lie! :D Btw. the "peacock neck" blue is a bit muted in real life, not so vibrant like in the pictures, but you know...stupid winter natural light...:S

Anyways, see you on 12th with an other bird nail art! :)


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