Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SWATCH | Zoya - Cassedy

I have some swatches about Zoya Cassedy, wich is a really interesting color. It's between green and grey and it's also metallic. Well, I love metallic and I also love green/grey, so no problem here :D But I also know, that this is a color that not everyone wears. Anyways, I think it's amazing and I'm really happy that my metallic nail polish collection can welcome an other beauty.
It has an excellent formula, shown in 2 coats, without topcoat.
You can see it in 2 different lightings, the last 2 pictures were taken in the shade (foil finish is much more visible), while the others were taken by the window (no direct sunlight). 

I simply love this nail polish, I'm really happy that I bought it.
Btw. Zoya makes really pretty metallic/foil finish nail polishes, and I wan't them all :D

What do you think about it?


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