Monday, January 12, 2015

NAIL ART | Flamingo

Today in the "Birds challenge" we had to make something inspired by a falmingo. In real life I hate this creature, they are so ugly, look at those eyes :D aww..creepy. Anyways, in nails or even in pictures (where they are a little bit cartoon-like) I enjoy the flamingo pattern, so I wasn't so terrified by this theme :D
I was inspired by the picture below.

 My idea was that I will paint flamingo heads that will frame my nails. So I painted two flamingos staring each other with their creepy eyes. On my other nails I used dry brush technique to create a feather effect. My eyes also wanted some glittery-shiny something, so I topped my feathery nails with Models Own Disco Heaven.

I like how it turned out.


  1. I think these are the most unique flamingo nails I've ever seen and I LOVE them! Well done :-D

    1. Oh, thank you! :) I made 2 "regular" flamingo nails in the past, so I tried to do something different this time. Thanks for your lovely comment! :)