Monday, November 20, 2017

SoNailicious brushes

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

Maria from SoNailicious is so full of amazing ideas and goals, she just launched her own nail art brushes. She was kind enough to send me the whole line, so I can review them. There's 2 years of work behind these products, and you can clearly tell, they are high quality!
My package arrived just 2 days before the launch and I didn't had free time, but I couldn't help myself to try out at least one of the brushes, which I shared it my on Instagram so I can promote the launch (there was a special offer for 2 days, which is not available anymore). In the weekend I had more time, so I tried out all of them.
Maria's goal was to create the most useful tools that will make freehand nail art much easier. She created 4 different styles of brushes. The handle is thin but durable (made of metal), and they come with a protective cap. They shipped in a plastic tube for even more protection. They have soft and flexible hair that are acetone resistant and also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.They can be used with any kinds of medium (gel, acrylic, nail polish, shellac).

01 warrior - with 5mm hair. You can use it for detailed work.

02 needle - with 10mm hair. You can use it for many things, waves, stripes, details and french manicures.

03 spear - with 18mm hair. For stripes, long curves.

04 slayer - with 6mm hair. For one stroke or french manicure, but it's perfect for clean up as well. It's really thin (but dense) and precise.

I really satisfied with these brushes, they are truly high quality, it was a joy using them. Of course no brush will make you a nail art master. I get lot's of questions regarding what kind of brushes I use (I never had real quality brushes, I buy them cheap from ebay), and I can't say this enough, if you don't have the free time to practice regularly, the brush won't matter. A good quality brush can help a lot in your line work, but you have to put in the work and practice. I'm doing this for 5 years now, and this is how I started in the year of 2013 (warning! Ugly AF pictures ahead): WTF | Oh God no | Why???!!!

Btw. I always trim my brushes (of course I would never do that with these gorgeous pieces). To be honest, I can work perfectly with my cheap ebay brushes. Their quality improved a lot, but they are not acetone resistant, so they loose their shape really quickly, and the main advantage for the SoNailicious brushes (at least in my point of view) that they are acetone resistant. Of course I haven't been using them long enough to actually confirm that, but I trust Maria 100%, she would never release a product that she haven't tested many times, so I have no reason to doubt that these brushes will serve me well, for a long time.

I have a really heavy heart, because these are really nice brushes, but they come with a price, that I know a lot of you can't afford. They are $16.90 per brush, but if you buy the whole set you can save $12.
If you are committed to freehand nail art (as your hobby or your profession) and you can afford it, you have to try at least one of them, they are so good! My personal favorite is 02 needle, I believe I can paint everything I want with that one. One stroke is not really my style, so I would never use 04 slayer for that purpose, but it is absolutely perfect for a really precise clean up around the nail. 01 warrior was really good for details, but also for coloring in smaller or medium areas of the nail. I will use 03 spear for medium to thicker stripes.

Now let's see my 3 nail art that I created with these awesome tools.

This was the very first nail art I created with the new brushes, I used 02 needle (it was love at first sight :D ). My base color is Live.Love.Polish Cashmere, and I used acrylic paint for the pattern.
For my clean up I used 04 slayer.

Yesterday night I created 2 manicures, and for this first one I used Cirque Colors Acid Wash as my base, then I grabbed 03 spear and painted on the white lines. These were the thinnest that I could achieve with this brush, you will see in the next nail art I could paint thinner lines with 02 needle.
My inspiration behind this nail art was THIS picture.
I used 01 warrior for the roses: painting on the silhouette of the whole rose, then shadowing it, then outline it. I used acrylic paint for this manicure.
For my clean up I used 04 slayer.

This retro geo mani was inspired by @sohotrightnail (HERE). I used a black creme (Live.Love.Polish LBD) on my thumb, middle and ring finger, and a white creme (Live.Love.Polish Linen) on my index and little finger. For the black and white geo pattern I used Mundo de Unas stamping polishes (they dry slowly, so it won't dry on the brush, and they are pigmented as hell, I really enjoy using them in my freehand nail art), I used 02 needle only. For the rainbow pattern I changed to 01 warrior and first I painted on the clean white base, then I washed the rainbow colors together (I used acrylic paint this time).
For my clean up I used 04 slayer.

I'm so in love with this manicure, I will wear them until my fingers fell off :D

These brushes are available (in limited quantity now, so hurry!) on SoNailicious Boutique, they ship worldwide.

Thank you so much Maria for providing me these amazing brushes <3


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